Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leaving Geodan

Leaving Geodan...

As of tomorrow, April 1, I'm not employed with Geodan anymore. I've worked there for nearly 17 years and it has been a fantastic time. However, this year it is time for a change. I will continue with software development, now on my own, as a freelance programmer of Open Source, Geographical, Geometric, .NET and C++ software.

This change is also the reason that there were no new blogs last month on this blogspot. There are still some blog-answers to be given and blog-things to be continued. Will happen. I was quite busy finishing everything, handing over projects, with the release of Boost.Geometry, and with the new start-up.

Of course I will continue with my Open Source activities, of which Boost.Geometry is by far the most important. It is close to release now, in Boost 1.47 it will be included.

And I also take part in a charity/Open Source project, together with Geodan, I will blog about this soon. It is nice to stay related to that great company.

Next Monday I will start in Leiden for a four months contract.

Adios, all my great former Geodan-collegues, thanks for all!